Monday, 5 September 2011

Losing my Religion and small little prayer.

Yesterday sermon is about Losing my Religion (John  8: 31-32)

Before preach started, Ps Jeff asked us to pair in a group 2 or 3, and start to pray one another. For me it’s a good opportunity to pray for my wish, as I longed to hear God’s voice again, to have a sensitive heart to listen, obey, and depend on God’s word rather than my own logical thinking. Thumbs up to sister Chin, for a lovely and encouraging prayer! :-)

Here are the points that Ps Jeff brought:
1. God’s truth guides me: John 8:31
The striking words: Bring God to every aspect in your life, breathe Him and feel Him in your blood, bring His Glory to your family, to your LG, to your work, and etc… God is definitely longs to lead you more than you long to be led by God.
2. God's truth liberates me: John 8:32
It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. (Galatia 5:1)
The striking words: freedom in the sense of free of sins and free to choose what God’s wanted to do in our life.

So in order to transform those words into action, what I need is…prayer.

This morning, I woke up and my heart is filled with joy and freedom. And longs to give thanks to Him.
So this is the prayer that I dedicate to you, Lord Father.

Dear Lord Father,
I just want to give thanks to you, for everything that you’ve done in my life.
I give thanks for being here, in this life… that you’ve been nurtured me physically and spiritually, and draw me near to you closer than ever.
I give thanks for giving me a good family, a supporting and caring mother and sister (although I always feel like they always check on me every minute especially my sister who always texting me every single day)
I give thanks for giving me such a good friends and community which I can really open up (well…I am still trying to) and grow spiritually. Day by day, slowly but sure…Draw near to you.
I give thanks for giving me Giselle, never did I regret to have her,  She’s a cutie and smart little brat. Lol :-p . She is the apple of my eye and my remedy when I feel sick of this life. I love her so much more than anything. Thanks, Lord for this little princess.
I give thanks to this job, too. As there will always new challenges, chasing people, being chased, get frustrated when the things not done yet, and stuff like that. But it’s without fail makes me feel alive and sane every day.
So here I am, humbly present my heart and soul into your presence. Blessed me, guide me, guard me, walk besides me, in every circumstance in my life. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.


denni said...

Wow, nice summary and prayer. It's like I attended the sermon personaly. Wait, in fact I did :p

Please post the second part, Deb. I missed it.

Unknown said...

The second part gak ada yg minjemin debo catetan lagi Den... WKWKWKWK...

dhebora87 said...

Mel: Wakaka...tul sekali mel...ayo den, pinjem catatan elo lg donk, hehe...

Den: second partnya di preached ama si Ps. Hong Teck...gak gtu *nusuk* sih hehehe...peace...:-)